Some Activities for Alumni of UniversityOnce people graduate from university, it is like they have a new life. They no longer have routine to go to campus, but they start to work and make a life. In this case, of course campus life is not things that can be erased and forgotten easily. There have been many kinds of experiences and friends and that is why all universities always have what is so called as organization for alumni. This kind of organization becomes so important to organize the alumni so there can be such activities hold for them and they will get chances to meet other friends again. In this case, there are various activities for the alumni of university. Reunion is one of the activities. The reunion becomes so popular to do and this is held annually. Sometimes, it is held only for alumni in certain academic year, but there can also be great reunions where alumni from various academic years are invited and gathered for a reunion event.

The other activity for alumni is charitable activities. This is not only activity to maintain internal relationship between the alumni, but is also such kind of social activity to help others. These can be so interesting and useful for alumni and other people. There are many group of alumni coming to rural area to help people who are in need. Some groups have concern in education, so they create such kinds of funding and provide financial supports for some people who cannot get access for education. They also help some schools so they can get enough facilities to support the agen sbobet programs. Then, there are also some groups of alumni focusing on poverty and health issues. They provide health services for people and these are useful.

There are also many kinds of workshops and seminars held for alumni. These workshops and seminars are usually held to prepare them before they start to work. This can also be a good way to get some job applications since workshops sometimes also have some job fair. Usually, the ones giving workshops and job fairs are also alumnus from the university and they come back to help their juniors to get better future. These are some activities for alumni and these are found in most universities in many countries. These activities are not only for the alumni, but it is also dedicated for the other people. Surely, these are great activities to have for the alumni, so they still can keep in touch while bringing benefits for others.

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