A revolutionary way to recruit qualified candidates

In today's competitive labor market, traditional recruitment methods take too long, cost too much and produce too few qualified candidates. Recruiting within inCircle communities changes the game by allowing you to target professionals from the universities and companies that align with your needs. This saves you time and money and delivers better quality leads.

Helping You Win the War for Talent

Affinity Circles' recruiting product, inCircle Recruiting, is the only solution available that sources talent in exclusive online communities. With inCircle Recruiting, you can run simultaneous recruitment campaigns in the leading online professional communities, and reach more than 15 million verified alumni and professionals.

inCircle Recruiting's interactive media drive saves you time and effort by automatically qualifying candidates based on your organization's branded profile. Members explore career opportunities, research opportunities by meeting with fellow community members (who are current or former employees) and grant permission to be contacted by sending a message that appears in your talent pipeline. The result? Response rates that are significantly higher than traditional job listings and banner ads can provide.

inCircle advantages you won't find anywhere else include:

  • Higher quality applications. Candidates in the pipeline come from a known and trusted source, rather than open channels such as general job boards, newspapers and commercial resume databases.
  • Lower recruiting costs. Applications sourced through exclusive online communities cost less to process and have a higher yield than applications sourced through direct response advertising.
  • Reduced time-to-hire. Recruiting from a talent pipeline results in reduced time-to-hire, the most frequently cited measure of the efficiency in recruiting. Candidates in the pipeline can be tapped as soon as specific requisitions are opened.

Case Studies
Juniper Networks "inCircle Recruiting helps us target and engage the pool of candidates that we care about most."
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Merrill Lynch "Our desire to attract the most qualified professionals is a strategic priority, regardless of current economic conditions."
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